Forestry Friday … Its The Time Of The Season For Squirrels

California ground squirrel, wildlife, pen and ink, ink, drawing, squirrel

California Ground Squirrel

Without a doubt squirrels are the most visible mammals in the  forest.  Now is their most active time.  With acorns dropping from the oaks like big hailstones, the squirrels are in high gear.

Canyon Live Oak Acorns

Canyon Live Oak Acorns

When I stopped to get a picture of this gray squirrel he really gave me the “stink eye.”  He just knew I was coveting his nuts!

Gray squirrel, squirrel,wildlife, nature, photography

Gray Squirrel

The Douglas squirrel is one of our most common tree squirrels in the mountains.  They are hyperactive little critters that are difficult to photograph because the won’t quit moving.  They make the gray squirrels look lazy.  I wasn’t able to get a good picture of one, but fortunately Mary, of Sneaking Bliss, did and let me use it.

Douglas Squirrel, squirrel, wildlife, nature, photography

Douglas Squirrel

When I was deciding what to post for this Forestry Friday I narrowed it down to two choices.  I could cover the relative virtues of area control forest management verses volume control forest management, or perhaps delve into how to calculate mean annual increment for a timber stand and its ramifications in forest management.  Unable to decide between these two very compelling subjects I turned for advice to Blitz.   Her answer was “woof woof”, which loosely translated means “squirrels squirrels!”

golden retriever, Blitz

“Calm down Blitz.  I told you it’s going to be SQUIRRELS!”

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58 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Its The Time Of The Season For Squirrels

  1. 🙂 🙂 Give Blitz lots and lots of pats from my for this good performance! 🙂
    In the Lake District the grey squirrel seems to be a solid pest. All over you see signs to report them to the authorities. In North Norfolk we also mostly see the grey ones. Thanks for this lovely post!
    Have a great weekend


  2. We have a couple of squirrels in our yard that use our roof top to get from one tree to the other. I know we will soon be replacing the shingles. Wonder if the insurance covers that. And they aren’t even the pretty brown squirrels but the dingy gray ones. 😦


  3. Love the sketch, but so funny! Yes, those squirrels are wild with oak nuts aren’t they. We’ve got two huge nests in our trees and a family of at least three, and they are going wild.


  4. The ground squirrel sketch is a very good one. Your post choice was a doggone good one. The little rodents abound just about everywhere. Mary’s pic of the squirrel is so cute.. It seems you have plenty of squirrel species. Where I live we have just the grey one and I can say that I am not lacking in squirrel antics in my yard. The little fellas are all over thhe place with plenty of nests in the trees. They wreck havoc on the pecan tress though for people that want to harvest any nuts in the fall. My neignhbor traps and releases them at the lake. One week he caught 25 plus in just a few days.


  5. No squirrels in my area, I think they are cute. Sometimes I wonder if they are pests to other people. I think I would spend hours watching their antics if we had some here. Great images.


  6. Blitz got it right. I used to live in So Cal, in a squirrel-populated area. Never quite understood why they were called “ground” squirrels–didn’t seem like they spent too much time there! Enjoyed the sketch, too.


  7. Shew, it’s so rare to see a wild squirrel in SA… I think I’ve seen maybe two in my life. However, I did get a great chance to scritch a very cute tame squirrel at our local vet; he loved attention from people and even lifted his little arm so I could hit the right spot with my scratching 🙂


  8. Great stuff! Squirrels are fun to watch and always busy. We have a couple that romp up and down the power lines in front of our house. They also steal bird seed from our feeders but we forgive them for that.


  9. This easterner is enjoying the Doug squirrels so much – we had a great encounter with one recently in the Hoh Rainforest up here – hyperactive is right! And yes, they make gray squirrles look pretty calm. That’s another nice drawing, with the oak leaves and worn tree bark to add dimension.


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