It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!

What! Didn’t you hear it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day, January 21st. Our blogger friend Linda Martin Anderson alerted me to this important day in her blog at A Writer’s Playground. Check it out. A kid friendly blog with every special day of the month to discover.

Gray sqirrel, pen, ink, pen and ink,pen & ink, drawing, wildlife

Giving the look!

While winding down a steep mountain road two hunting seasons ago, this little scamp was gathering nuts. I surprised him and he ran up a large black oak tree. Just a short way up the tree he turned and gave me “the look.” He was sure I was coveting his nuts! Then he berated me as best he could with an acorn in his mouth. So I shot him. Sorry, I meant to say, I shot his picture with my Nikon. You can see it here, Forestry Friday … It’s The Time Of The Season For Squirrels.

The print of this pen and ink is available at Fine Art America.


65 thoughts on “It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!

  1. I’m so very glad to know of this special holiday! I do appreciate the smiles squirrels bring me. And good to see ya on Fine Art America, pretty cool website for you visual artists, huh?

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  2. Lovely pen and ink!
    I could watch squirrels all day. .. Thanks for letting me know of the holiday. .. I’ll be calling my boss to take the day off. .. 😰

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  3. Great drawing! He’s pretty feisty looking too even in his photo (you scared me when you said you “shot” him!). Where we live there are millions of squirrels, black, gray and red. I like them but my dog is another story! They all make a fast retreat up the trees when we come out!

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  4. Cheeky, cheeky. Squirrel I mean. Well, you too for shooting her. I am assuming it’s a female squirrel if she is giving you the stink eye and chattering. Didn’t know today is squirrel appreciation day; I’ll post the squirrels I’ve been working on later this evening to honor the day.

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    • I refuse to comment on the gender of this squirrel lest an angry mob of unruly acorn throwing female squirrels pelt me with worm ridden acorns. Mum is the word! As for shooting her, she was a total poser. Did I say she….I meant it.
      However, I will be watching for your squirrels this evening. 🙂

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  5. Why is there an appreciation day for them?? Are they endangered? Or is it just because you are generally happy to have them around 🙂 I wish we would do that for our sparrows – they are almost gone thanks to mobiles it is said.

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