Wildflower Out Take…. I Mean Take Out

So why is Blitz laughing, because she is a naughty girl, that’s why!  I think she has a very disturbed sense of humor, but what would you expect from someone who says hello by sniffing butts.  Boy, was she pleased with herself or what.

golden retreiver, dog, funny face

“Don’t you make that face at me Blitz…you are a bad girl!”

Do you remember this flower from my previous post.  What a unique and beautiful orange flower.  I had never seen one like this before.  It must be truly rare.  Worthy of a National Geographic magazine cover no doubt, and I found it!  This flower was probably the only habitat for the equally rare three spotted pygmy jumping spider too.   A potential biological grand slam.  All I need is the perfect shot and fame was going to be  mine!

wildflowers, photography

Lovely, wasn’t it.  The stigma and stamens look kind of like the Pillsbury dough boy.

I got one nice picture, then I carefully, so carefully, framed the next shot.  This was going to be The Money Shot.  “Snap” went the camera and “what the heck” went the photographer.  All I got was a bunch of blurry furry!


It’s a golden retriever Tsunami!

Blitz performed a, 9.5 deserving, Roll of Joy right on top of the rare and beautiful, National Geographic cover worthy, previously undiscovered orange flower, instantaneously crushing it in a blitz of red dog fur.  I could almost hear the members of the Native Plant Society weeping for this tiny bit of tossed salad.


Does this dog look remorseful to you?

Maybe is was just an unfortunately timed Roll of Joy that all golden retrievers are want to do.  Perhaps she was trying to add that extra action or interest needed for an award-winning photograph.  Maybe a cry for help (doubt it).  Whatever the reason, I’ll never know, and she isn’t talking.  Blitz….no doggy biscuits for you!

45 thoughts on “Wildflower Out Take…. I Mean Take Out

  1. That dog is adorable. I remember George Carlin talking about cats. A cat do anything it wants and it can, For example a cat can bounce off the walls, fly through the air and land all four feet in coffee cups. The cat looks at you. I can do that because I am a cat,
    Later on she is on another tear and finally she launches off the couch and slams into the SLIDING Glass door, The cat acts nonchalant and she walks behind the couch and says, Meow, f’ing Meow@!!!!


  2. Oh well. X marks the spot so put a marker there and remember where the plant was. It should come up and bloom again next year. surley there are in the area not too far away. But have you had it positively intentified to find out here how rare is this beauty

    Blitz actaully is prettier than the fower. So sorry but that is my opinion. 🙂 And I am a lover of native plants too. But the dog is so beautful. 🙂


    • Honestly, I don’t have a clue as to what the flower was and truth be told it wasn’t completely destroyed. I just hope it is a perennial and not an annual. Blitz is pretty adorable so what am I to do. She’s my little red flower!


  3. OMG funny, but not funny at the same time! My Lil Oreo is a PHOTOBOMBER just like Blitz! Your want to yell, but then they are so adorable you just laugh and scratch’em behind the ears. Hopefully it’s a perennial and will be back next year. Leave Blitz at home next year! 🙂


    • I thought, “oh no if Ilex reads this I’m dirt!” With all the wanton destruction and all. I did have the same hope that perhaps it is a perennial. I may have to leave her home, but she won’t be happy.


  4. I totally love the pine needles and that looks so real and the nature of all these pictures conveyed something so tangible and that if we do not become more mindful of our environment many of us will not know if it was lost. That would be a tragedy!


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