We lost a dear canine member of our family today. Tom-dog you were loved very much. I’m reblogging this post by my wife, Mary. I don’t have anything to add to this today.

Sneaking Bliss

Golden Bo Thomas SH WCX“Our animals shepherd us through certain eras of our lives. When we are ready to turn the corner and make it our own…they let us go.” Author Unknown

We knew this day was coming. The average lifespan of a retriever is 10 years. Tom-dog was 14 years, 8 months when we said good-bye today.

He came home to our youngest son many years ago and was the grand-pup of our first retriever. In the learning hands of a growing boy he was trained into an outstanding hunter and companion.

When his boy grew to manhood, left for college, got married and started his family, Tom stayed with us.  In the years that have followed, this magnificent family member has been greeted by 3 rowdy grandkids that he loved dearly.
Tom-dog always loved kids. It is only fitting that Tom-dog’s grand-pup, Jake, now resides with Tom-dog’s first person and family.

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    • Thanks Doron. It is so hard to lose these precious creatures. We seem to always need them around. The pain of losing them seems a small price for all the joy they bring during their life and in our memories. Bitter sweet I suppose.


  1. Am so very sorry . I know exactly what you are going through it is such a tough thing making the decision . I hope your good Tom – Dog memories will soon help override the awful down-ness you are probably feeling right now . He looks an absolute smasher in your photo .


  2. I read the news about Tom last evening with such sadness. I’m so sorry for you and your family – the loss of a pet is a very hard experience for both grownups and little ones. You guys are in my thoughts and I hope your sadness become filled with joyful memories of Tom. Mary


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  4. I felt so sad for you reading this today, losing a dog is losing part of the family. Tom looked like a lovely dog. My mother in law has a Golden and they are such lovely natured dogs. I hope you can find some peace in the lovely memories you have of Tom.


  5. Tim, having lost two retrievers myself, I know what a huge gap these lovely friends leave in our lives. I think the fact that they are so much a part of our day makes the loss much harder in these first few weeks. Glad to know that you have such great memories to treasure.


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