36 thoughts on “Lazy Wolverine

  1. I saw a show on wolverines earlier today. What impressed me the most is they respond to high pitched sounds. That’s how the master of one since a pup communicated to it. Also, what impressed me were those two turned sideways teeth in the back of its mouth. Those two molar teeth enable wolverines to jaw clench with great force, their prey or carcass. Thank you for sharing your passion.


  2. I love the contrast in this and that little padded paw makes this perfect as far as I’m concerned. Have you ever caught sight of one in real life, forestartist? People say they are hard to spot. I’ve heard the same about weasels.


    • I’ve never seen one in the wild. The first wolverine in California in over 80 years showed up about 5 years ago. I am fortunate to know a biologist that has been tracking him and I have seen her motion senser camera pictures. I would LOVE to see him.


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