Time to Get Going

I’m starting my new piece of art for the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Forestry Education Fundraising Auction. That’s a mouth full. I don’t have anything to post yet, but here is last years entry.

I’m going to need to top this one! Stay tuned for my progress reports.

7 thoughts on “Time to Get Going

    • Not necessarily, depending on how much resin is in the wood affects the color of the smoke. Pitchy pine would be very black, but oak, cedar or Douglas-fir would make a light gray smoke which is what’s in the painting. The hotter the furnace ran the more combustion take place lightening the color. Back in the day logs took a lot of man, horse, ox and steam power to move. Although, steam has tremendous power there was still a lot of manhandling of the logs. Most logs them were big back then so short logs were cut to reduce the weight of each piece. Also, I had very good reference photos to get the lengths correct.

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