Thank You For Your Service

Lloyd Livingston, as a young marine serving in the Pacific Theater during WWII.

I would like to thank all the veterans for there service to our great nation. We owe you so much. I particularly want to call out my father Lloyd Livingston, USMC Pacific Theater WWII, Walter Matthew, Army Pacific Theater WWII, my uncle David Norcross, USMC Korea, my Uncle Daniel Norcross, Army, my sons Christopher and Stephen Livingston both USAF, Iraq and Afghanistan, and lastly, my nephew David Livingston, Army Afghanistan.

Both my Dad and Walter served on Anti-Aircraft batteries that used guns like the one pictured here.

11 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Service

  1. Wonderful drawing. My dad missed serving in WWII. A few years too young, but my father-in-law trained fighter pilot. He didn’t fly combat in that conflict, but flew fighters in Korea and transport in Vietnam. My brother-in-law flew transport in the First Gulf War. We are grateful for all their service.


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