Never mind…

This was Saturday afternoon. What started out beautiful turned to spitting snow on us. It was over a hundred degrees just three days before in the valley. I feel like I’m in Montana! 🥶

Later it turned better!

On Sunday we did the same thing.

7 thoughts on “Never mind…

  1. Wow. The area you live in has a split personality. But then I have read about weather in the mountains and how it can change rapidly. I suppose it is always a shock though when it happens so fast. Once in a while, here in dry, dull, and dusty Texas, there is a sudden change in the temperature but that is always in late fall or almost winter when a “cold front” moves down from Canada and travels through the Rockies and Colorado.

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  2. That’s pretty changeable weather! It’s a good thing it is so beautiful. We are having our own wearther swings here in the midwest. Low 90’s the last three days, but tomorrow the high is in the 60’s. Weather whiplash. LOL

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