Wild Wednesday … Red-Eared Sliders!

27 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Red-Eared Sliders!

  1. You see the most unusual animals – and reptiles. I had no idea that those turtles could live in cold water. But then again I think I’ve only seen them in warm Petco aquariums. The only other reptiles I’ve seen down here are in the newsπŸ˜‰. Great pictures as always! Btw – how did you know the turtle’s name?

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  2. Great photos and turtles are so interesting animals πŸ™‚
    Some years ago I lived in Denmark close to a big lake. Unfortunately some not responsible owners of animals, also turtles, leave their animals in the natural areas and think, that they are able to survive there by themselves. This is not fair, when they have been used to get food from the owners before. I met many turtles, when I walked there. Sometimes it gets so cold, that the lake are freezing. Many times I have thought and hoped for them to be able to survive anyway. I met many kind of animals in nature, who were not belonging either there or in Danish climate at all. Many did not survive.

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