Wild Wednesday … Have You Herd?

The deer that live around the mill always converge on the hayfield behind the log deck in the fall and winter. This year I’ve counted as many as twenty at a time. I’ve accumulated some photos over the last few months. Typically, I’m not very close so the pictures are a little soft. They just went through the rut and the bucks will soon shed their antlers. Click on a picture to enlarge the gallery.

16 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Have You Herd?

  1. The stag deer are so handsome and have some Impressive racks. I wonder if you have ever found an intact rack in the forest? Or do the other forest creatures begin chewing on them. My husband nailed some racks over a shed where he kept a portable welder. The squirrels leaned over as far as possible to gnaw on the antlers. I suppose they were after the calcium, which brings me to mind- I should look that up.

    One more question. Is the irrigation for the benefit of the deer?

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  2. What a nice set of pictures. I sure would love to find some of the antlers from the deer I photographed in the yard. I did find a small 2 tine antler one May while looking for mushrooms that surprisingly wasn’t too chewed up. I have it sitting on a ledge below the window in my guest room.

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