“Timber! The Home Stretch


The view of the art table with one of the spreads in progress.

watercolor, pen and ink, picture book

These were all that’s left to do. All have been started. Mary stretched and mounted them all for me, while I was painting. It’s good to have people! Working multiple illustrations at the same time is a very efficient way to get these done. By Sunday night I had completed two more spreads.


This is the view out my window at my painting table, while I work. Not bad.

27 thoughts on ““Timber! The Home Stretch

  1. It’s a lovely treat to see work in progress and more especially, the often secret sacred studios of the artist. I just began to collect photographs of my various studios over a lifetime and I am heartsick for not having preserved more with pictures. So many studios, so little documents. I recommend more of the same of your wonderful work place. I watched the Beatrix Potter movie more than once, (it’s not bad), and the best part is seeing how her studio is set up and how it could be mine. It’s a delight to see productive workplaces. I loved all the watercolor dishes and tools. And your splendid art.

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    • Thank you Barbara! I’m afraid the sacred studio is currently parked in my living room partly because of the view. It’ll get moved to another room yet to be repurposed, but we have to stop or finish all of our other projects long enough to get it done. Never enough time to go around. I’m don’t think I’ve ever taken pictures of my work space, so maybe the blogging is good. It gets me doing it for the posts. Now that you bring it up, I’ll be sure to post the new studio when we get it done.


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