Toothy Critique!

Mary gave me a new sketchbook for Christmas, so the other day I did a lunch sketch of a sweet, sleeping Bliss.


Me: “Hey Bliss I sketched you while you were snoozing. Take a look.”

golden retriever, pen and ink

Me: “Well, what do you think?”
Bliss: “Sniff, sniff.”

Bliss: "Rarr Rarr Ruff!!!" Me: "Everyone's a critic. Maybe next time I'll let the sleeping dog lie."

Bliss: “Rarr Rarr Ruff!!!”
Me: “Everyone’s a critic. Maybe next time I’ll let the sleeping dog lie.” 

65 thoughts on “Toothy Critique!

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    • She loves other dogs so much. I think she may be the most playful dog we’ve ever had and we’ve had many. Most of Her literary critiquing has been in the form of shredding documents into confetti as quickly as she can.


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