Wild Wednesday … Fawn Redo

Fawn002A fawn lying low to avoid a predator. I added to the original pen and ink. Mary thought it was lacking. Is it an improvement?

fawn, deer, black tail deer

The Fawn as I originally drew it in a vignette.

fawn, deer, black tail deer

The pen and ink was based off of another fawn picture I took. I love when they are just a couple of days old and they’ll lay down and be still.

34 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Fawn Redo

    • I did this drawing from a photo I took. The little fawn was pushing itself as close to the ground as it could for fear that I was going to eat it! In my book, it’s always good to get the picture quickly and to leave it alone. Mainly so the doe can get back to her fawn. The doe was close by and huffing her displeasure at the entire situation.


  1. I like the drawing very much. You’ve captured the gentleness and a sense of alertness. To my eye I think I would like to see more development of the foliage on the left almost so it starts to blend in with the backside of the fawn.

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    • Thank for your input Alli. This is reoccurring theme. I think you, Joan and Mary are right about telling the story better. In it’s original form as a stand alone piece, it could leave the viewer wondering what’s going on, or even what it is.

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  2. The pen and ink along with adding more of the fawns body/legs definitely helps. Maybe more light shrubbery/ground to give perspective vs. floating on a white page? Really nice work! I love seeing what you’re working on Tim.

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    • It’s always nice to hear from you Terry. I agree with you. I think with the added detail the picture demands more background detail. In it’s original form, I think the suggestion of foliage was okay and floaty was okay. Now the fawn needs a little grounding. Hmmm…not done yet.

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