Road Work Art Work

I’m an opportunistic artist. Time for making art is precious, so I find it where I can.

Click on the gallery if you want to get stuck at the road construction with me. Who wouldn’t, right?

26 thoughts on “Road Work Art Work

  1. Tim,
    Yesterday, I carried a memoir I’m reading and taking notes on with me to a doctor’s appointment for my husband. I try to make my waiting time productive too. Magazines at the doctor’s office aren’t for me. I love the idea of keeping a sketch pad in the car. Sometimes, I jot writing ideas in the car while at stoplights.

    Love the chipmunk. Does he have a name? An adventure?

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    • Linda, you named my next favorite place to draw in a pinch, the doctor’s waiting room. Emphasis on the “waiting.” However, I don’t draw a stop lights, not that fast. πŸ˜‰ I didn’t name the chipmunk, but if I did I would call him Dale.


    • I’m always prepared Ruth. I keep a satchel with pens, pencils, eraser, pads and reference photos with me at all times. I have to admit that drawing in my truck is a wee bit awkward, because of the stirring wheel. Why they didn’t consider that when they designed the truck is beyond me!


  2. Great idea to be prepared – I do carry a sketchbook with me at all times (and my Kindle too when I know I may have to wait for something) but often I forget I have the sketchbook! It certainly helps while away boring meetings, as long as no-one notices me drawing!

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