Test Driving My New Brush Pen


brush pen, pen and ink, deer, drawing, black tail deer

This black tail deer was done as a bit of practice with a new brush pen. This drawing is not my usual style, but I wanted to use it by itself. I typically use the brush pen in concert with my other pens.

My birthday was this month and Mary got me a new pen. I picked out the Kuretake No. 50 brush pen. I went with this one because it has natural bristles and is refillable. I’ve been trying out a number of different single use pens and have really enjoyed them, but I wanted something better. This pen is a hot rod!

Kuretake No. 50 Fountain Hair Brush Pen - Sable Hair - Black Body + Gold Accents + Refill - KURETAKE DW141-50

The pen comes with in a nice wooden box with three ink cartridges. I haven’t tried these cartridges yet. Instead I purchased the Platinum Converter, a refillable cartridge, and a bottle of Platinum Carbon Ink. I pick this ink because it is very water-resistant and can be used with watercolor.

I’ve been enjoying this pen a lot, but I need to get more practice with it. I find using a brush pen is a lot different from a watercolor brush, very unforgiving. I suppose it’s made more difficult more by the ink and not the pen.

65 thoughts on “Test Driving My New Brush Pen

  1. Tim,
    What a nice gift and it keeps giving. I’m no great judge of art, but it appears you’re well on your way! Learning what the new pen can do without added techniques sounds like the best way to learn its style. Happy birthday, Tim! You and Mary are special folks.

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  2. Happy Birthday Tim!!! Oh wow, Mary gives wonderful gifts – you are lucky. Wonderful first drawing – I’ve never drawn with a pen, let alone one with a brush. Best wishes for a great year ~

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  3. Nice drawing Tim, looks like you will have fun with this. Its good you can get waterproof ink – I recently bought a Lamy fountain pen, which I love for its line, but the ink is water soluble, which takes a bit of re-thinking when mixing with water colour! I could get a converter, but am nervous about putting waterproof ink in it in case it clogs… happy birthday!

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    • I can understand not wanting to mess up the pen. I’ve never tried a Lamy, but they look like very nice pens. I bet there is some information out there on using waterproof inks without wrecking your pen. One feature with my new brush pen is that the brush can be replaced. I wonder if that is true for the nib on your Lamy.


    • Hi Anna and Tim
      I have just had to replace my Lamy Safari, which as near as I can work out I left on the plane (boohoo). I have just bought a replacement and I asked the salesguy about waterproof inks and Lamys. His advice was that the only waterproof ink you can use is the Noodles Bulletproof. For us in Oz there is no local supply here but you can get it online from the US. Of course you can also use the water effectsof the usual ink to your advantage. I sometimes use it as a wash, carefully selecting where I want to add water. My only comment about that is it has a slight green/grey tinge when diluted. Worthwhile trying it out.

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    • Thank you Ruth! I am having fun. It is a funny thing with brush pens in general, I tend to feel more awkward than with my watercolor brushes. I think it is the difference between the ink and paint more so than the brush and the pen. I can picked up or thin paint, but not ink. That being said, yes the fine lines are difficult so I prefer a .005 tip for that type of line. Consistency of line with the brush pen is not it’s best quality. The ability to vary the line is. I really do think I need to practice with this brush pen a lot to master it. I have a ways to go.


  4. Tim hope all is well in the forest sorry I missed your birthday, but no doubt you still celebrating… Happy Birthday ok belated… I was up and down more down but occossinally managed to pip and see what everybody is doing. Like the new tool you investing your treasure and look forward to see sales growing on your superb work. Have a great weekend and hope to see you more often around πŸ™‚

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