Black Tail Redo

deer, black tail deer, buck, Columbia black tail deer

This is the tweaked version.

It was bugging me.  Have you ever posted something and when you look at it later, it looks wrong? Something was missing. The deer looked a little chopped off at the feet so I added a bit more foreground.

deer, black tail deer, buck, Columbia black tail deer

As it appeared in last weeks post Black Tail In Velvet. What do you think, did it help?

I usually use one of the tricks to get a different view such as looking at it in the mirror, upside down, from across the room, or setting it aside for several days. I guess I have a new one…post it!

44 thoughts on “Black Tail Redo

    • I asked myself, am I just being nit picky or did it really help the drawing. That is why I posted it again, just so I could get your opinion. I added more grass under his feet and a bit of shading in the grass because the feet looked cut off to me. I don’t think you were being silly, because it was a minor adjustment. Besides, it means the deer is the focal point of the drawing. I find my eyes are drawn to his face. BTW, sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner as I’m a wee bit late responding. :/

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    • I suppose this is the same sort of thing. it’s not the first time I’ve done it. In the past I rescanned the image and quietly swapped it out. This time I thought, maybe I’m being fussy, so I figured I’d ask if it made a difference.


  1. Have you ever seen those puzzle pictures in the newspaper…usually on the comic page? They give you 2 pictures and you have to find 5-10 differences?
    I kept flipping back and forth on your two pics. lol
    From now on I will be scrutinizing your drawings very carefully to find the missing strokes. 🙂

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    • It’s funny what draws the eye in a piece of art. As the artist I get drawn to what’s bothering me. That’s why I was curious about your input. I didn’t know if it was important to add. When I pull out my sketch book I always go through the older sketches and often tweak them. I think this one was bugging me for a while, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until it was posted. It doesn’t add any more information to the composition, but it gave me a greater sense of completion.


    • I know, there is nothing like time and a differnent perspective to spot things that need to be changed. I often flip back through my sketch book and tweak things. I will even get a new pen or something, and feel compelled to use it on an old sketch just because I like what it does.


  2. Its one of the reasons why I put paintings and drawings out on the web. It gives you another perspective on your work, like viewing it in a mirror. Most times, though I find I have to leave stuff out, cut down the field of view and focus on what was interesting me in the first place, so I normally go the other way.
    Nice work.


    • You’re quite right that posting is like a mirror. I’ve become quite accustomed to changing things after I post them. I know what you mean about having too much. I’ve done some cropping to improve the composition.


  3. That happens to me more than I care to admit. I usually let my work sit a day between pencil, ink and color. When I work for a long time on something, I no longer really “see” it and need the distance. I am glad you were able to see what you needed to fix it in your own mind.

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