Forestry Friday … It’s Summer Loggin’ Season

Logging is in full swing and the dust is flying. It’s dry out there and the crews have their fire tools sharp and fire pumpers full.


logging, skidding, skid cat

Craig winds his dozer down the skid trail.

logging, skidding, skid cat

A skid of logs chattering toward the landing.

logging truck

A load of logs pulls out of the landing. I hope you don’t mind a little dust.

15 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … It’s Summer Loggin’ Season

  1. Since I last spoke to you, we had the Everglades on fire (thank goodness for the sudden on-set of rainy season) and north of us, 3 prescribed fires got out of hand and 3 different agencies had to be called in. Hope you end of the world is in better shape.


    • We’ve been having some fires out here already. Most have been in the southern and central part of the state, but our turn is coming in the north. Calfire, the state fire fighting service, ramped up early this year because of our drought, and they have kept the sizes of the fires down as a result. I hope you see some more rain. We would love some here too, but it usually comes with thunderstorms this time of year and we don’t need the lightning.


  2. No, I don’t mind a little dust at all… (cough, cough!) But honestly, for someone working in an office, behind the computer, this is so refreshing to see! I love my office work, but I also love to see there’s a whole world out there, so different than mine. Dusty and noisy and hands-on – just great!


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