Natural Born Retriever

watercolor, watercolour, pen and ink, golden retriever, pheasant, hunting

Blitz follows her nose to the prize.

Blitz took me pheasant hunting last week.  I think she would drive herself if she had thumbs.  Luckily, she needs a gunner tagging along.  It’s my joy to watch this girl living her bliss.  I captured this hunting moment in watercolor, and pen and ink.

Blitz, pheasants, hunting, pheasant hunting

Blitz with her bag.

41 thoughts on “Natural Born Retriever

  1. Beautiful art! I love seeing dogs in thier element. When they are doing what makes them happy, I can’t help but smile myself.


  2. You captured her bliss and showed your own at the same time. Really nice image, perfect in that it carries all that is necessary and draws us in as you drew it out.
    That is why they call it art.


  3. As a vegetarian……wonderful! I love the photo but was most impressed (amazed) at how you captured the colors of her wet fur in your drawing!


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