Help! I Need a Caption

ponderosa pine, old tire, humor, caption

What can we say about this?

What a funny sight in the middle of the woods, but I couldn’t come up with a good caption.  I need your help people.  Throw some clever captions my way and we will see which one sticks.

This is a Ponderosa pine with a tire about eighteen feet up.  I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t throw it up that high.  I don’t know how it got there.  However, I have my suspicions.  If I were a betting man, I would say it involved a mischievous logger, with too much time on his hands, and a loader.  If it wasn’t that, then there must be an airplane flying around with missing landing gear.

105 thoughts on “Help! I Need a Caption

  1. Having thought about it the only thing I came up with after returning was
    ”Branch(ed) out and Blissfully ‘tyre(d)’ ” !
    Really good shot though if someone did throw it up there 🙂


  2. In a poetic way…. could not be otherwise…..
    ~can not be otherwise ~
    they think that do not match
    a hole in a tree
    but the black and the green
    is a passage to the blue
    see, carefully
    ask me not why I am there
    but why I have changed the landscape
    just for you my love
    just to you see me on display

    and i capture your eyes


  3. I have a solution for this mysterious tire. Believe it or not, they are put up there to become a behive and to keep the hive away from the ground and away from potentional intruders that they have to chase and kill to protect their hive.


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  5. I know ‘m late to the party but…:

    This is an extremely rare radial tree. It was discovered in 1853, at which time only three specimens could be found. The tree proved difficult to propagate, and by 1950, after the last seedling died, it was deemed extinct. In 1970 a sole survivor was found. Their most striking feature has to be the one fully functioning radial that the mature tree produce annually. Sadly that is a rarity which few will be privileged to see.


    • Oh my, I had no idea! It will probably be picked, ground into powder and sold on the black market as a homeopathic, medicinal, virility supplement! The horror! 😉
      By the way, you’re never too late around here.


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