27 thoughts on “The Bumble Rumble!

  1. Said the Comma (Polygonia c-album) to the Bee; ‘Get off my wing, silly Bee, there is enough for two’.
    Said the Bee to the Comma; ‘No wonder your wings have these ragged edges, you take up too much space’.
    It took them some time to rearrange themselves before sharing the nectar. By then a flower-fly approached; they had never saw it coming.


  2. Great photo and poetry! While I have been thinking of establishing a beehive (Tessa has put this idea on hold) in my backyard…..I have lots of plants that attractive other happy pollinators! (and amusing Tessa) Like the Comma….and the majestic Monarch! Tim, thanks for doing what you do!


  3. Did I mention that the photo AND the poetry…..are really making me long for summer? My garden friends are going to LOVE your posting!!!!


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