Back To The Coast

Back to the coast today for inventory. This is the mill I went to. We are all done and headed home.

Arcata. sawmill, coast, photography

Golden Retrievers
It’s a long drive and the girls are exhausted.

13 thoughts on “Back To The Coast

  1. The girls do look “plum tuckered” out. But I bet they were excited on the drive over there. But on the drive back home is a different matter. Did you make the thingy that one dog is attached to or seems to be. Looks like a thing to keep the dog from jumping or falling from the truck.

    My son takes his lab in a large crate but only when the weather is cool.Dogs really do enjoy those car or truck rides, I still see dumb a—- with loose dogs in their pickups here in Texas. I wish that it were a law and securing your dog in the truck would be mandatory.


    • I had our truck shop add the special loop in the center of the rack just for tying down the dogs. It allows them enough chain to reach the side, but not enough to hang over. I teach them to stay in the truck anyway, because I unchain them when we park at the office or woods. I don’t want them to hang themselves if they manage to jump out. They only wear flat collars that can slip off if they are ever caught on anything. I only use a choke collar for training “heal” and not for everyday wear. In California dogs must be secured, except for ranch dogs. Its okay for them to fall out of the truck!


      • How about that and the ranch dogs. No logic to that nut maybe so if the truck is out in the fields or woods. But you still should have dogs trained to sit in the bed of the truck and not stand by the sides, back, etc. ‘

        You really have thought out all angles to keep the dogs safe. I think you and Mary are remarkable people for you take excellent care and and use wise caution. And looking at Mary’s pics of you with the dogs at the field trials tells me that you are one excellent trainer.


        • My mom had a sign on the wall when I was a kid. It said, “Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.” The first dog we ever had fell out of the back of a truck and broke her leg. We decided that was never going to happen again.

          I don’t think I qualify as a great trainer, but we have fun. These dogs love to work.


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