Sentinels Of The Wind

Some folks are very photogenic and some, not so much.  Some days are very photogenic and some days, not so much.  This was one of those good days.  I love a good day.  I try to have a lot of them.

wind turbine, clouds, forest

Like sentinels in the wind, the big turbines peer through a window in the clouds.

Magee Peak, volcano, mists, pines, nature, photography

Magee Peak is a sleeping volcano.

oak, black oak, fall color, forest, nature, photography

The mother oak looks down at the young pines gathered about her.

Magee Peak, volcano, pines, nature, photography

Magee Peak in the distance.

Nellie, Burney Mountain, nature, golden retriever, dog, photography

With Burney Mountain in the background, Nellie strikes a lovely pose. She is one of my favorite models. Nellie is very co-operative and will work for dog biscuits.

41 thoughts on “Sentinels Of The Wind

  1. All of these are good- and as you said, some not as much as others. None the less all depicted the weather and how the day was looking. The photo of Nellie is the best. I’ll bet your dog never fails to make a good photo for you.


    • That is awesome, I’m in that neck of the woods a lot. Several of the picture sets are along the Tamarack Road. The post called Skidding logs has in the final picture a nice shot of Burney Mountain. I found your blog as I was browsing around. I was checking out a site where you had left a like. When I saw the name of your blog it got my attention. I love the name. I made me think of my cousin who is a cowboy poet, although she’s a cowgirl.


  2. Reblogged this on Gunslinger Poet and commented:
    In “Sentinels of the Wind,” artist and forester, Tim Livingston, shares photographs of my rural California “neighborhood.” Included are the windmills of Hatchet Mountain (a view I know well), the Thousand Lakes Wilderness and Burney Mountain, on top of which is the fire lookout I work. On his weblog, “The Forester Artist,” Tim shares his visual art, adventures with his dog Nellie, and daily life in the world of logging and forestry in northern California.


  3. Great landscape images. Really enjoyed them. Nellie always looks good. Can’t look at her without thinking of the story of the Rattler. Such a lovely dog.


  4. Love your work and the stories it tells. Transports me to some really great places–exotic ones that us desert dwellers don’t see much of (that have big trees!)


    • Nellie definitely works for cheap. I was going to say something about your model and biscuits, but I couldn’t make it sound right. I’m glad you like the pine needles. (Change subject.) Once I realized I could put a picture in the background I went searching for just the right touch.


    • We have raised goldens for years and we take so many pictures of them that they become expert models. They are very co-operative. The turbines were one of those rare opportunities that just appeared. I was in the right place at the right time.

      I hope all is going well with your recovery. You description of the hospital experience is quite entertaining. I imagine it is also quite difficult.


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