2 thoughts on “Nellie

  1. I’ll comment here about all the places that I read about Nellie, etal.
    I was trying to find the place again where you had posted the series of procedures that were done to get to the finish of Nellie’s portrait. I saw two then I lost my way. But, I am impressed. I had no idea of how a water color is done was it was interesing to view 1 and 2. The final water color of her, from my perspective is that your painting of her could almost pass for a photograph-it is that good.

    Now about the 6 rattler bites. I, of course knew from the beginning of the story, that Nellie survived. I raced through your story as fast as I could so that I could find out about her treatment and recovery. That was a call that was almost a miss. Being so far away from the vet is awful. But there is no way around it and you have learned to be extra careful. Ice packs applied slows down the circulation but I have not read of its use for dogs. I’m not sure if there are snake bite kits that would be of use for a dog. My husband used to carry a kit in his hunting gear. We live in rattler territory but the ones east in my country are the eastern rattlers and then to the west of us there are plenty of the western. My friend that lives not far from Gatesville told me there is now a ban on hunting for they were becoming endangered- where that might be- in our county or counties over- I have not idea. I need to do some research on that. I assume she was speaking of he western diamond back.

    This is long, but I always love reading about any kind of dog and of course the hunting dogs are among my favorites.

    I think you and Mary should do some children’s books about all the dogs that y’all have had. It would be good too make them into a series. I think the books would sell like hotcakes!

    One more thought. You have an excellent line of Golden’s. You have not mentioned hip problems or any of the other things that plague some golden retrievers.


  2. We’ve been very careful about our dog breeding and have cleared all the dogs through screening with OFA before breeding. We have had lots of pups over the years and so far never had a case of hip dysplasia. Finger are crossed, but we don’t breed very often anymore.

    We have talked about the kid’s stories about the dogs, but haven’t got to it yet. We have had too many other projects in the que. I’m sure we’ll do it sometime.


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