A Rose By Any Other Name Is Just Wrong

wildflowers, Yellow Tarweed

Yellow Tarweed

Just look at this late summer flower. I took this picture near our home and happen to find it beautiful. What I would like to know is who came up with this name, yellow tarweed. That’s a terrible name and it just doesn’t do this flower justice. My favorite flower name of all time is indian paintbrush. That’s a name. It cries out ART! Tarweed cries out stick pest plant. Yuck! It needs another name. How about starburst or golden glory! What do you folks think? Give me some names.

14 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name Is Just Wrong

  1. Tikweed is another misnomer for a flower that looks a lot like this one. The Merriam Webster dictionary says tikweed’s real name is pennyroyal. Maybe this one has a “real name” too. Wikipedia says its scientific name is “madia elegans”–so at least somebody perhaps thought it was elegant (one of the many translations I found for “elegans”).

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