Jury Duty

I had jury duty today. It’s always good to come prepared to do a lot of waiting around and wait we did. After I finished returning work emails I settled in. However, I was prepared because I had my traveling sketch pad a assorted pens. There was nothing left to do but sit and draw. I was at a table. There were two ladies at the same table and one wouldn’t stop shaking the table so I couldn’t use it. I managed. I find drawing makes the time go by quickly. Also, when I’m focused on drawing, people don’t talk to me, which is nice if I don’t feel like talking. The judge finally came in to update to us. The cases before the court all pleaded out instead of going to trial so they cut us all loose.

14 thoughts on “Jury Duty

  1. Enforced idleness is a good opportunity for drawing! I was called up for jury duty earlier this year, and although briefed on two cases my number wasn’t pulled out of the bag so I was sent away too, but I was really glad to see the process. I would have enjoyed doing the duty, but was quite glad to get my time back! Your drawing is looking great, I’ll look forward to seeing it develop!

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  2. I’ve been called five times, served three of them and got cut loose on the other two. The three I served on were interesting, above all in the requirement that all the members of the jury adhere to strict rules. Some folks find it really hard to do that, then the others have to be brave enough to tell them they’re breaking the rules and to knock it off!

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    • Wow, three times is a lot. You really get to see just how differently people view the world when you’re part of a jury. You’re right Alli, some folks have a really hard time wielding the hammer 🔨 of Justice.


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