Splash Dog Bliss

Dock jumping fun times for our dogs!

Sneaking Bliss

Fun times at dock jumping class with the crew from Shasta Splash Dogs. Phanny and Tasha build confidence as Bliss and Sailor take to flying off the dock with style.

phanny-sm Fluffy puppy Phanny builds confidence in her jumps before taking on the full run. She took 1st place in side jumping.

tasha-sm Tasha takes her leap from the side. Happy girl brought home 3rd for side jumping.

bliss-sm Bliss’ 1st jump of the night.

bliss-2-sm Bliss and Tim on her 2nd jump. She set the jump to beat.

sailor-sm Sailor’s jump ties him with Bliss.

sailor2-sm Sailor’s tie-breaking jump gains another foot in distance for the longest of the beginners. Sailor brought home 1st and Bliss 2nd for the end jumps.

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4 thoughts on “Splash Dog Bliss

  1. Awesome! One day we will get our golden to do this. At the moment he is still learning to get comfortable with swimming. Loves the water just not sure about the swimming part yet haha.


  2. Looks like fun. A long time ago my dog Brandy stepped off of my dad’s dock onto an algal mat, thinking it was solid, and fell in. We never could get her in the water again. I felt bad for her at the time, but we never could convince her it would be okay. She did like to lay in shallow puddles though. Her feet just had to be on the ground. LOL


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