Happy Birthday Tasha

Happy Birthday Tasha!

Sneaking Bliss

Today is Tasha’s third birthday. We celebrated with some retrieves and photos in buttercups with her buds.

Happy Birthday Tasha!

In our area, the first showing of wild flowers happens around Tasha's birthday. In our area, the first showing of wildflowers happens around Tasha’s birthday.

Redtail's Hotty Toddy Tasha - turns 3 years old today. Redtail’s Hotty Toddy Tasha – turns three years old today.

Tasha is joined by Sailor and Bliss. Bliss, Sailor, Tasha  Sailor and Bliss join the birthday girl.
Bliss, Sailor, Tasha

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28 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tasha

  1. Have you seem the popular photo share of the twin girls and mom titled ‘who’s the mom’ (in this photo)?
    This one made me think of that!
    Such a beautiful bunch! Happy birthday!

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