Wild Wednesday … Bull Elk

Tule Elk

Today on Wild Wednesday, I took these pictures of four Bull Elk near Cache Creek.

Tule elk, nature photography

I see elk in this area along Highway 20 most of the time when passing through.

See these beasts never gets old.

Seeing these beasts never gets old.


This was perfect for Wild Wednesday!


If you travel down Highway 20 to Clear Lake look for the elk around Cache Creek on the south side of the road.

19 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Bull Elk

  1. What fun. It never gets old seeing the wildlife. You just never know when the National Geographic moments are going to appear – or the National Lampoon ones either. The doe chasing a great blue heron in the lake and a coyote doing the same just for fun both times are among the top things I’ve seen. And then there were the courting turkeys and the coyote puppy litter playing in the back yard and on my front porch, too.

    We had neighbors who raised elk for the antlers to sell as a supplement when we lived in our last house. A short lived experiment, but interesting while it lasted.

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    • “National Geographic moment”, I like that. Definitely can’t have too many of those. Unless they critter in question burns up your truck! Raising elk by your neighbor must have been quite an undertaking.


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