Wild Wednesday … Mystery Wildflower!

lavender, wildflower, Sierra, Indian Valley

A lavender wildflower. Does anyone recognize this flower? I took the picture in the Indian Valley of the Northern Sierra.

My forester/botanist office neighbor, Tom, knew it right away. So did Lisa, a FB friend. It is Spiraea douglasii or it’s common names are Douglas’ spiraea, hardhack steeplebush, steeplebush and rose spiraea. It’s a native of the western US and Canada and is commonly used a landscape plant. Who knew?

25 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Mystery Wildflower!

  1. I’m late to the party, but I knew it was a spiraea of some sort. You’re in my hood now! I have to id these things on the fly for work.

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  2. What a lovely flower. We have a spirea here with a flat flowering head that is used as a landscaping plant. I wonder if they are related or just have a similar name. Unfortunately the variety the landscaper put in here is a “spreader”. It is getting too big and sending out root runners where I don’t want it to. It is in store for some drastic cutting back.

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