Just One Last Thing

I suppose a reblog is “just one more thing!”

Sneaking Bliss

A phone call at 5:30 a.m. at our house is either from the East Coast (3 hours ahead) or someone needs help. At the first sound of Bernice’s voice, I knew Walt was in trouble. They were at the ER, Walt, 91, awoke that morning with chest pain.
It took me an hour to get to the hospital after Bernice’s call. Walt was in pretty good spirits when I arrived.
As per the usual routine, our conversations the next few days covered many topics. As Walt shared his favorite grilling recipes we segued to homegrown meat chickens. I told Walt we’d have to get together and grill some fresh chicken from our spring chicken harvest.

Gruesome alert.
The day before, we butchered our first batch of meat birds for this season. We hang our chickens by the feet. The birds are calm in this position. While grabbing the head in…

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13 thoughts on “Just One Last Thing

  1. Thoroughly enjoy your site. Daughter, Jennifer, is an Applied Forest Scientist; Duke University, Nicholas School of Earth Sciences. Born in Santa Cruz, wrote her undergrad (Biology) honors paper on the Coastal Redwoods; selected for binding by St. Michael’s College.


  2. I’m very sorry for your loss, but so happy for the time you got to spend with such a caring and loving soul. It was wonderful that his wife and you got to pray with him at the end. God bless you all.

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