Grandkids – Family Portrait

Our grandkids are awesome little artists. Yes, I’m biased.

Sneaking Bliss

I love doing art projects with our grandchildren. I especially enjoy adorning mugs with their masterpieces for our morning coffee enjoyment.

This year, they each drew a full body self-portrait along with the rest of their household. This little beauty became a wrap around mug with each of our little ones contributing their part.

Tim and I enjoy our morning coffee timeโ€ฆand having their art as a part of our morning ritual is bliss indeed.

Family Portrait by our grandkids. Family Portrait by our grandkids.

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6 thoughts on “Grandkids – Family Portrait

  1. What a great activity to do with the grandthings! (Love Dr. Seuss)
    A great thing to have framed and show to their first dates to embarrass them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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