Romantic Osprey Triangle

He was waiting for a girl. It didn’t take long for her to show up either. He arrived on February 28th, which appeared in the post, Spring Wings. She returned March 3rd, but there was a surprise.

As I drove around the log deck, the nest tower came into view. I saw two birds on the nest tower. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a third bird in the nest. When I got to the office parking lot, I could see only see two birds. 

The two birds kept looking at each other, calling all the while. I thought, I may be here in time to catch the magic moment. The bird closest to the nest took off and did a flyby to the other bird. I knew we were getting close now. Then I saw wings flap in the nest. There WERE three birds!  I wasn’t witnessing the dance of love, but instead, two boys fighting over a girl.

Click on the pictures to enlarge the images. Watch the drama unfold!

31 thoughts on “Romantic Osprey Triangle

  1. And there was me, thinking the life of animals is pretty easy and straightforward, but not so. Great images and text, again! I hope the young couple will be happy up there, I hope you keep us posted!


  2. Not wanting to throw cold water on the live wires at the mill, but it could be one of the kids from last year… still hanging out at the parents, taking a year off before logging into the real world.

    Good to see you’re getting some rain down your way Tim!


  3. Awesome! Saw Ospreys doing the dance in northern Arizona. Love Ospreys–they remind me of some amazing places I’ve been. Great pics, great story.


  4. Fantastic! I’ll bet Cornell University would love to have this…have you checked them out? They have ‘bird nest cams’ for several mated pairs of different species.


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