On The Road To Smith River

dogs, traveling, golden retriever, photography

Teka with the wind in her face.

We have been on the road a lot lately, but it is now time to check in with you all.  One weekend not long ago we took the Blitz and Teka to a hunt test in Smith River, California.  Go a bit North of Smith River and you’re in Oregon.  Here are a few pictures from our travels and a bit of pen and ink.

pen and ink, pen, drawing, cormorant, wildlife, nature

The cormorants moved like poetry in the surf.

yard art, ship, photography

Sailer yard art, you have to love it.

We stayed at a RV park with this ship in the front yard.  I thought lumberjacks had big yard art, but I have to admit the sailors win the “BIG” prize.

cormorants, wildlife, photography, nature, Smith River

A pair of cormorants in the surf were my inspiration.

Blitz, Teka, Golden retriever, photography

Blitz and Teka on the beach near Brookings, Oregon.

Sitka spruce, cones, nature, photography

Sitka Spruce cones.

Blitz chills after an exhausting day of events. "Don't get up Blitz, but I need to get into the refrigerator!"

Blitz chills after an exhausting day of events. “Don’t get up Blitz, but I need to get into the refrigerator!”

Blitz, golden retriever, The Backdoor Artist.

Mary and Blitz take a stroll on the beach.

sunset, Smith River, nature, photography

Sunset where the Smith River meets the sea.

Blitz, road trip, Smith River, golden retriever

On the road home and Blitz dreams of ducks.

40 thoughts on “On The Road To Smith River

  1. Wow! Impressive boat! We also see many interesting things adorning campgrounds..
    The sunset photo is stunning and the contentment on Blitz’s face confirms his duck dream 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos!! Love the dogs! 😀 😀 Beautiful drawing, I don’t think I have never seen a Cormorant….I’ve heard about them though great divers and gobblers of fish 😀


  3. It looks like everyone is having fun, awake and asleep. What were the dogs peering so intently at?

    It’s not everyone that has a lawn ornament that big. Is it really a gift shop? I wonder how they got it there. That’s a real oversize load.

    The cormorants are lovely.


    • A good time was had by all. The girls were staring at a stick that had been thrown. That is our way to get them to look all dignified and in the same direction, instead of goofy, which is their normal state.

      Best lawn ornament ever I think, and it is a gift shop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open while we were there so we didn’t get to go inside. I’m not certain how they got it there, but I’m going with tsunami!


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