Liebster Blog Award – Better Late Then Never

Liebster Award

The Liebster Blog Award nomination came some time ago from my good blog friend Divya.  Her wonderful blog is Divad’s Blog. Thank you Divya.  She did a beautiful drawing of two of my golden retrievers, Artist’s Pets.  It was so very touching.

I also received the Liebster Award from Flora’s Table.  Thank you Flora. You are the hostess with the mostess.

Liebster Award Nomination-(modified) Rules are:

Those who get nominated must answer 5 questions asked by the person who nominated them… and tell 5 random facts about themselves. Then, each of them is supposed to pass on the award by nominating 5 blogs with under 200 followers and ask them 5 questions.  I have over 200 followers now, but I’m way over do posting this.

5 Random facts about myself:

I am an optimist, no seriously.
I’m the youngest of 6 brothers.
I used to make ceramics (a long time ago.)
I share my french fries with my dogs (I don’t need all the fries.)
I really like working with the loggers.  They are a great bunch of folks and they keep me entertained.

Answers to the questions asked by Divya:

1. What makes you happy?      When Mary picks gold nuggets out of our sluice box.

2. Which is one country you’d love to visit?    Australia, Iceland and South Africa, I know, that’s three.

3. What is your favorite quote?    “Don’t live in regret”, by me.

4. Who is your hero?   George Washington, a man of true character.

5. Which song do you hum the most?  Mamas Don’t Let You Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, this week, but I sing it.

Questions from Flora (She had eleven questions):

1. What’s your dream job? I love what I do, so I’m not sure how to answer that.

2. Would you like to live somewhere else? If yes, where? Not yet…..

3. You would never… Be unfaithful.

4. What’s your next project?  Which one?  I will go with, illustrating my next children’s book.

5. Do you read before falling asleep? Not usually.

6. What’s your favorite form of art?    Easy, watercolor….no wait pen and ink, now you’re just confusing me.

7. You are obsessed with…    Not obsessed.

8. What’s on your list for Santa?   I don’t do lists just ask my wife.

9. Do you play any musical instruments?  I started learning harmonica years ago, but never became proficient.

10. What’s the best gift you have ever received?  My grandchildren.

11. What’s your biggest regret?  You can’t change the past, but that is not a regret just a fact.

Now for my 5 victims….I mean honored recipients:

Lightly Spiced Photography This is a wonderful young blog by an excellent photographer who also happens to be a witty writer. Check it out.

Poppytump  Poppy I don’t know how many followers you have and I don’t care.  I’m nominating you anyway. 🙂

Gunslinger Poet  Christina does some of the most unusual poetry I have ever seen.  She also live on top of a mountain in the Summer as a fire lookout and she is practically my neighbor.  I think that’s pretty cool.

Kodiak My Little Grizzly  This inspiring blog is by a Mom raising her deaf blind son, and his brother and sister.  A touching view of her life.

Galeriaredelius  Gunilla is a creator of some of the most unusual jewellery that I have seen.  What she does is really cool, so check out her blog.

Now for my five questions:

  1. If you could sit down and have dinner with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
  2. If you notice a stranger in public who’s fly (pants) aren’t zipped up, do you tell them, and does it matter if it is a man or woman?
  3. Have you ever taken in a stray animal?
  4. Do you sing in the shower or car?
  5. If you could have a skill or talent that you don’t have now, what would it be?

There you have it! :)

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