Rattlesnake Attacks Puppy

It’s shocking to watch and not what we expected.

Sneaking Bliss

When we first found the puppy bitten by the rattlesnake, we assumed it happened in the tall grass by the bird pen while on a walk with puppy owners.(See http://sneakingbliss.com/2018/08/26/rattlesnake-strike/) It just made sense that the puppy surprised the snake and in defense the snake bit. Yesterday, I reviewed footage of the puppy cam to see if I could observe any odd behavior after the puppies returned to the playpen following the walk. What I saw was unsettling to say the least. As the video plays, keep an eye on the right side of the ball pit.

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19 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Attacks Puppy

  1. Is it possible to snake proof that area? Or hunt for the den of snakes? My daughter had bob cat urine sprayed in her yard, It kept the snakes away but the odor dissipated after 2-3 years and needs to be reapplied. I just could not watch the video. Poisonous snakes give me the willies and my heart would have been in my throat. Please keep the puppies safe if that is possible.

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  2. Wowza! I’ve never heard of a snake taking on a large animal with absolutely no provocation. This snake obviously missed that day in snake school where they taught them that things over a certain size won’t fit in their mouth. Or else it was just deranged…

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  3. Oh my goodness! I’m glad the puppy survived. I am sure the quick treatment helped.

    We don’t see that much here although we do have a few poisonous snakes. Mostly it is the skunks that we are concerned with. My niece’s golde retriever got sprayed just recently. They had just arrived about 9pm and the dog was let out to relieve itself for the night. Dog and skunk surprised each other. Guess who lost. Nothing like having to google getting rid of skunk smell at ten at night after a 12 hour drive. Fortunately I don’t think it was a direct hit and they managed to get rid of 98% of the smell fairly quickly.

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    • The quick treatment was very important. As for the dog spraying, chicken killing skunks, I don’t like them around. We’ve had a lot of trouble with them. Our recipe for de-skunking the dogs is:
      1 quart Hydrogen peroxide
      1/4 cup baking soda
      1 teaspoon of dish soap
      Mix together and immediately apply to the dry dog. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse. It works great.


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