Forestry Friday …Thinning Forest Fuels

With all the fires burning in California there has been a lot of discussion about logging to reduce forest fuel. Doing so makes our forests more fire resilient. There is fear among many people that logging of any kind will destroy our forest. The truth is the the fires are destroying our forests. This is a short video of such a logging operation from last year on the Lassen National Forest. The Forest Service prepared this project. Our company bought and logged the timber sale. The result is a healthier more resilient forest.

23 thoughts on “Forestry Friday …Thinning Forest Fuels

  1. I agree, but logging is just part of the solution. We also need to find ways to introduce fire to the landscape at an acceptable intensity. Doing both treatments is the only way to maintain resiliency in our nations forests.

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    • The problems we have were created when fire was removed from the ecosystem. After more than a hundred years of fire suppression the forest fuel loads are higher than they’ve ever been. Introducing fire into these timber stands today has to be done after the fuels have been reduced. That’s were harvesting trees and brush removal comes in. Even herbicides are another tool that can be used in the process. Fire can then be re-introduced back into the forest. It can’t be done everywhere, such as in the forest community interface. It’s also not without risk of escape and creates nuisance smoke. I’m not try to deminish it’s value ecologically, but it’s limited in its application. Whereas, logging and other vegetative manipulation can be done safely at any time in any location. It just doesn’t carry to same ecological appeal to many people.

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  2. I am so sorry to read about the fires, and have been wondering if all was ok where you live; thanks for this video, and for playing a role in helping our forests to heal…

    our problem herei s that we’re losing the canopy, and eastern ecuador has the repputation of behing the heaviest deforestation perhaps on the planet…

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  3. Hi Tim, thank you for your visit. We saw those big fires in California on TV and I felt sorry to see that. Forests are so important. The video shows a good way to resolve the problem. But people should not be allowed to live in the middle of a forest.
    They said it was criminal actions, is that true?


    • No, not true. Many people in the rural areas live in the forests. What they probably were trying to say was that people in these areas are supposed to clear away brush and other flammable debris on there property around the houses. Many people don’t do it. Then when the fire comes it’s extremely difficult for the firefighters to save their houses.


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