Forestry Friday … First Trip to the Woods

Bliss is a forester’s dog and this was her first day at work.

golden retriever, retriever,forester, puupy

It’s her job to go to the woods. There’s no time like the present to start training her.

On her first day she got to play in numerous rivers and visit the redwoods. Not bad for a day one. I documented her day in the gallery below.

42 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … First Trip to the Woods

    • And she is a great passenger, except when she’s trying to look out my window. Then we get a little too crowded. I’ve had some pups over the years that got carsick, but she has no problem, and we’ve been over some really windy roads.


  1. Your killing me, my brother! Lol. Bliss is so adorable! I am so glad you have this little girl to become your partner, in your endeavors out in the woods. Give her a big hug for me!:)

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