Lumberjack Fiesta!

We are at the 66th Annual Lumberjack Fiesta in McCloud, CA today.

There’s an axe throw bullseye, right in the beer can.  No, that isn’t me.

Mary arranging the booth. We are representing Red Tail Publishing today.  It’s a beautiful day in McCloud!

That’s me and Buddy The Wayward Wolverine.

30 thoughts on “Lumberjack Fiesta!

  1. Tim,
    I especially enjoyed the photos from the lumberjack festival, after learning about timber sports from your guest blog post. Thanks again for sharing that. I hope Red Tail Publishing had a terrific turn out at the festival. You and Mary make an awesome team.


  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I don’t know of lumberjack competitions here, but we do have arborist competitions. Not as much fun as the lumberjacks! =) Hope you had a great turnout. Looks like great weather.


    • It was fun. You will have to post about the arborist competions sometime. I would love to see what you do. It was great weather, except for some early evening thunderstorms. The heavens opened up on us Saturday night, but by then we had secured everything for the night.


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  4. Wonderful photos – love it 🙂 So happy, this day – you & Mary.

    If you hadn’t written ‘no that wasn’t me’ I would have thought it was 🙂


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